Do I need to take the labels off of cans before recycling?



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    I’ve never heard of needing to remove tin can labels in order to recycle them.  Just make sure you wash them out thoroughly! 

    However, this is based on my experieince living in Michigan and California; rules and regulations tend to vary from state to state, so contact your local recycling center (you can find the one nearest you by searching for “recycling” on Google Maps) and ask.

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    It really comes down to where you live.  I live in the Seattle area where all of our recyclable material is combined into one bin and then sorted at the facility.  In a case like this, you would not need to separate the label from the can.  In other areas where recycling materials need to be separated, you will probably need to do so.  Always feel free to contact your local recycling agency with any questions you have.

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