Do I need to scrub my veggies and fruits when I wash them or just rinse them off?



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    Good question, frosted1.  It is good that you are already rinsing off your veggies and fruits, and that is fine for the more tender items, but for firm produce such as melons or potatoes, it is recommended that you use a brush.  Also, it is not recommended that you use any soap or even commercial produce washes.

    Hope this helps!

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    Simply rinsing fruits and veggies removed any dirt or bugs (on organic) that may still be present, however, rubbing (or scrubbing with a brush) is known to remove bacteria which is another important reason to wash. 

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    It’s better if you scrub and wash them.  Use Veggie Wash or another vegetable cleaning spray, available at most supermarkets.  You can also use a scrub brush to make sure to get everything you can out.  Just rinsing will only get some of the dirt or other unhealthy bits off.

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    If it isn’t organic, it’s probably a good idea to scrub it for the sake of pesticides.  Most organic fruits should be perfectly fine if you only rinse them.  But if there’s a thick peel – like oranges or bananas – there is no need to wash it at all. 

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