Do I need a licenses or permit to sell my chicken eggs to friends and neighbors out of my house .

I have free range organic hens. The eggs are light brown dark brown and large to xxl and don’t fit in a egg carton



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    Techinically, you need a sellers’ permit from the US Department of Agriculture. You can find an application on the USDA website linked below. These permits are generally low-cost and should keep you out of any legal trouble. However, with such a small “business”, you shouldn’t run into any problems without a permit. The USDA generally only investigates large suppliers. My advice would be to check with your local police or town hall, and see if they would have any problem with your selling eggs. In my opinion, I highly doubt you would need a permit.

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    I believe you only need permits if you are selling at a farmers market, you have a production of over 50 hens or you have put any labels on the eggs to prove that they are organic and such.

    The answer I would give is that I don’t see why not, however I would keep it at a small scale with a disclaimer. For better information I would contact your states resources on the issue and keep in mind that if a neighbor gets sick, it will be you that they come to for ratification.

    I have a family member that simply gives his eggs away in the countryside and has once sold his eggs. He lives on a retired farm in Maine and according to a quick phone conversation with him, he says that when doing a casual sale there isn’t a huge need for permits however you may run into trouble after the egg scare we had a few months ago.

    Props to you for providing locally grown eggs to your neighbors, you have earned green points!

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    I would check with your states local laws in terms of a business license.  Even if you don’t need a permit specifically because your dealing with livestock or food issue, you will probably need one because you are conducting a business and making some small amount of a profit or income off of the sell of the eggs.

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    You can get around the “selling” issue through some neighborly bartering. Is there a service or product your neighbor can give you in return for the eggs? Make a trade.

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