Do I need to do anything to old cooking oil to make it fuel for my car?



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    Well first off your car will need to be a diesel engine.  The link below shows 3 different ways of using the oil and can help you determine which type of oil you are looking at and what you will need to do for it to be fuel for you.

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    First, make sure your car is a diesel car. Gasoline engines cannot run on vegetable oil.

    Then there are a few ways you can go about using vegetable oil. You can use a mixture of diesel and vegtable oil. You can also pre-heat the vegetable oil, which makes it easier for the car to use it as fuel (vegetable oil is more viscous than diesel, and cars can have a hard time making it burn). The most sure-fire option, though, is to get a converter kit. Pre-heating the oil doesn’t work all that well, and a converter kit will be specially made for vegetable oil so that your car will run more easier.

    The first link below talks about converter kits in greater depth.

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