Do I need to do anything to make an urban garden?



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    see previous answers

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    Well, yes, but what you specifically need to do depends largely on the type of garden you want to make and where you want it to be. A simple window box garden just needs seeds, soil, sunlight and water. For something more complex, try looking through the advice at and

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    If you want to be really easy about it, you can buy window box seed starter kit, you probably have to water them some, but not much when the seeds are covered and sprouting. 

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    Yeah, you’re going to have to DO something, but it shouldn’t be that hard. Windowgardens are pretty nifty, and each set varies from a do-it-all-yourself type to it being practically done for you. Also, “garden in a bag” is pretty darn easy. I have one, and just have to water it. Soon I will have tomatoes!

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