do i damage the ozone by using my desk fan

we have been told at work that our desk fans are to be taken away because of the ozone or o2 emisions can anyone verfyi this?



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    HAHAHAAHA.  (Sry, hangs head. Not polite to laugh at company behavior. Hang on a minute, while I try not to laugh.)

    First, a simple fan that moves air around creates practically no ozone at all. The exception is an older or cheaper fan with a motor that … effectively sparks a tiny bit. That ozone is not going to hurt you or anything else.

    Second, there are units that create ions or ozone on purpose. The second reference describes the differences.

    Third, when some unit advertises that it “removes pollen, dust, pet dander” it’s important to consider WHERE that stuff is going. It doesn’t just disappear. Where it goes is often surfaces such as walls and your lungs and the insides of your computer. Those ionizers can make things difficult to clean.

    Fourth, none of these products has much to do with the ozone layer. That’s way the heck up in the sky. The small amount of ozone created by personal fans won’t affect it in any important way.

    I.e., unless your company knows something bad about the specific model of desk fan, they are, as we say, smoking crack. (In my experience, it might not be wise to explain this to them. Just buy another “fan”, like a HEPA filtering one, and explain it’s hospital-certified. Let them put that in their pipe and smoke it.)

    Wiki has an unbiased summary of some of the points: 

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    I’m assuming that your company was trying to make a statement about conserving energy. Perhaps part of their explanation was that using less energy (though a desk fan is pretty minimal already, I’d think) would help fight climate change because you would be conserving resources. And it’s true that using less electricity = less fossil fuels burned, but this doesn’t have anything to do with ozone. Maybe that just got into the mental mix – I know that when we’re not super familiar with a topic, our heads tend to let all of the vaguely related terms blend together!

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      Thanks for an answer that had nothing to do with the question.

      The question specifically states that the problem the company gave was OZONE. Your assumption is wrong, and your understanding of ozone is shit.

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