Do hyenas memorize peoples names to kill them?

I’ve heard hyenas watch people and learn there names, so once that particular person is alone, they yell it so the person leaves from the tribe, then the hyenas attack them and chant there name as they eat the person. I don’t believe this, but i am curious.



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    Some African tribes believed that a certain mythical tribe of people could transform themselves into hyenas, and that their apparent laughter was proof of voices, and the ability of hyenas to call people by their names. 

    There is a fascinating story about a hyena picking out certain people to kill in the province of Gevaudan, France, in the 1760s.  It only attacked women and children, and in at least some cases, attacked at specific times, laughing as it killed them.  Hyenas, being native to Africa, were unknown to the common people there, so they called it “The Beast” and believed that it was an incarnation of the devil.  If you’re interested to know how it happened, go here.

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    I’m not aware that there’s any evidence of Hyenas actually voicing humans’ names as a means of hunting individual humans, but hyenas have been known to attack and kill humans.  There’s a recent report of 4 people in the Horn of Africa falling victim to hyena attacks.  In Somaliland, hyena attacks have been a big problem.  Hyena attacks on humans have also been reported in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea.

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