Do humans need to have meat in their diet?



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    No. The human mouth is designed to be omniverous, thus we can survive off of plant sources as well as animal sources. This versatility has helped mankind flourish and is why different cultures choose to not eat meat or to eat meat. Meat is a very convenient source of protein, iron and amino acids. While it is healthy in small amounts in the human diet, it is by no means necessary and there are a plethora of non-meat sources to fulfill these nutritional needs.

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    The key is that humans need protein and iron, two things that are easily gotten while eating meat. However, by eating beans, eggs, soy products, etc. you can get a lot of the protein you need. Iron can be gotten from other foods or by taking vitamin supplements. As a human you need to have all of your essential vitamins and minerals and eating meat is a way to get some of these. However, there are alternatives and vegetarians / vegans utilize these all the time with healthy results.

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