Do houses with solar panels on them use more energy to cool their houses in the summer because their roofs get hotter?



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    Overall, yes. but only marginally. While solar panels may cause the roof to get slightly hotter, this is offset by the increase in power that the solar panels generate. In fact, solar panels on houses in hot climates like Arizona, are some of the most efficient green energy supplements because they generate more power the hotter it gets, and this means that more of that green energy can be used toward the AC unit or the fan in cooling your house. In terms of net energy usage, I would reckon that solar panels on the roof actually lead to less net energy usage in cooling the house.

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    Solar panels actually absorb and use some of the heat that would otherwise be absorbed by the roof directly.  Solar panels for heating water definitely reduce the heat that would enter through the roof if the panels wern’t there.

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