Do homes with basements have lower energy bills?



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    Probably not.  Basements are just another area to heat and cool.  And basements are often uninsulated which can lead to energy loss.

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    If you are comparing the same size house then probably.  A two story home (basement/ground floor) vs a two story home ground and 2nd floor will not have the same energy costs.  I recently read in The Atlantic that underground buildings can have up to 80% reduced heating and cooling costs.  For a home that has two above ground levels, there will be additional windows that lose heat, but for the home with one level underground, it is likely they will save energy due to the insulating ability of the underground level.

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    I could see the basement providing a cooler room in the warmer months, but I would think it requires additional heating in cooler months.  If it’s pretty cold outside, my personal experience has taught me that sub-level rooms trap colder air 🙂  Perhaps it doesn’t, perhaps the difference is negligible, but if it’s an additional room to the compared house then it would definitely require additional heating.

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    There are lots of types of excellent insulation on the market now designed specifically for basements. So if a basement is well-insulated, I think that it would serve to keep the house temperature more consistent throughout the different seasons.

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