Do high school students or college students use more energy?



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    This may vary from region to region, but I would propose that college students use less energy than high school students. I believe students are less aware of environmental issues and conservation in high school verses college because high school students may be more concerned with appearance and social issues, where college students are more focused on their studies. These studies may be focused on environmental issues, which will increase awareness of wasteful energy practices. In addition, many colleges hold competitions for energy reduction and have more energy efficient bulbs and practices in place. My college had light sensors in rooms, for example. Another reason students may consume less in college is because many students are in shared living areas. This means that students may not want to take as long of showers in public restrooms, and if one student leaves a light on, another may be apt to turn it off. Finally, at many colleges there are more students than at high schools, which may provide more opportunities for education and more savings if buildings are more efficient.

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    I tend to agree with eblairbryant. In general, I think that college students use less energy because they become more aware of saving money, especially if they are living in an apartment and paying their own energy bills. I think I used a little less energy in college than I did in high school. However, my family has always been environmentally conscious, so it is difficult to know for sure. In college, I stopped watching my favorite TV shows on a Cathode Ray Tube device and switched to watching shows on my laptop. Also, getting my own laptop was a good thing because laptops typically use 1/5 the energy of desktop computers, and I was using the family computer desktop before. However, when I moved out of the dorm and got my apartment, my three roommates and I each cooked our meals separately for the most part. Cooking meals in bulk can save energy. However, given that I ate a lot more vegetarian dishes than they did, and they weren’t interested in changing their diets, we found it much more convenient to cook meals separately. I often made something so that I would have leftovers for the rest of the week.

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