Do hawks eat rattlesnakes?



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    Definitely! Along with small rodents, snakes are one of the main staples of the hawk’s diet. If a hawk can snatch the rattlesnake before the snake can get a bite in, then it’s a pretty easy job to avoid getting bitten again, and being poisoned by the venom. Down at the bottom, I’ve included a link of a Red-Tailed Hawk flying away with a rattlesnake. Don’t worry, it’s not very graphic or gruesome, you can just see the hawk flying away with its next meal dangling from its talons.

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    Yes, hawks eat rattlesnakes. They eat mammals such as voles, mice, wood rats, rabbits, snowshoe hares, and groundsquirrels; birds such as pheasants, starlings, and blackbirds; and snakes. A hawk perches high, scouring the land for its prey. Once it finds it, it swoops down to go in for the kill. 

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