do plants have DNA?



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    DNA is the main carrier of hereditary information in all but a small number of very simple life forms.  This includes both animals and plants; plants pass hereditary information to their offspring through DNA in genes, just as animals do.  As scientists study the common genetic inheritance of all life forms, mapping DNA in plants as well as animals has become increasingly important.  Learning more about the DNA of plants will help scientists better understand the evolution of plant species, as well as serving a variety of practical purposes.

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    Yes they do! Did you know we share 60% of our DNA with a banana! Scientists are currently studying plant DNA in the hopes of curing disease in humans. We can also manipulate the genetics of plants to make them produce more food, impervious to certain pests and require less water. We are doing this to help solve world hunger, however some groups of people are against this because of the possible effect these genetically altered plants could have on us and the eco-system. 

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