Do grocery stores get mad at freegans?



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    No, not really. Freegans usually meet when whatever store they are meeting at closes. This enables them to get what the stores are throwing out as fresh as they can. It is hard to imagine being a freegan, but I like the idea of not wasting food a precious, precious resource that we squander here. The most harassment that freegans usually get is about being freegans at all.

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    Yes they sometimes do.  I have been at the tail end of this harassment.  Grocery stores have started to become colder to freegans because of legal issues.  They often turn people away for no other reason than policy.  Grocery stores have even installed locking bars on dumpsters in areas where dumpster diving is common, such as Portland Oregon.  My mother is a freegan and works at a grocery store.  She has asked the bakery for their day old bread for the food pantry at which she volunteers.  However, the grocery store never gives it away because they want to ensure that their employees are customers.  Stores want to ensure that people are going to pay for their product even if that entails massive waste.  I had a friend that worked for a sporting goods store in Seattle.  He said that at the end of a sale they would take all the kayaks and cut them in half with a chainsaw.  Then they would take all the shoes and slash one of each pair.  They didn’t want people getting anything for free.

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    It seems as if it depends on the store.  As bialowieza says, grocery stores feel liable for what could happen to you if you eat their food (even if they have already disposed of it) so they’re becoming stricter in who they will allow to dive.  If you become friendly with the managers of the stores that you frequent you could befriend him/her and form somewhat of a mutualistic relationship so that you both benefit.  You’ll take his/her food in peace and s/he can feel good about having food go to an actual human being instead of rotting away in a dumpster. 

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