Do grizzly bears eat fish all year?



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    No, grizzly bears are omnivores and their diet varies from season to season. Grizzlies usually eat fish in the summer months, and rely on berries, grasses, clovers, ants, thistle, and many other food sources including young or injured deer.  During fall, the grizzly spends most of its time searching for food to prepare for hibernation in the winter.  They need to build up fat reserves to survive hibernation and be ready to hunt for more food in the spring.  

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    Girzzly bears are ominvores and feed on a variety of plants, berries, and meats, including fish. However, in the winter bears hibernate, meaning they sleep through this cold time and do not feed. They eat a lot of food in the fall and early winter to prepare for their dormancy. Bears tends to feed most on fish when the fish are spawning. You are likely thinking of grizzlies eating salmon in Alaska as this is regularly shown on television. This occurs most when the fish are moving to their breeding grounds and are in large numbers.

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