Do green companies give you discounts to their product to help with the added cost?



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    Not automatically, no. “Green” products exist for the same reason any other product does–to gain a profit for the company that makes them. They aren’t charitable organizations, they aren’t government agencies–they’re businesses. Giving you a discount wouldn’t really help them achieve their goal of gaining more capital. Coupons are offered by companies as an incentive to buy their product for the first time, with hopes that you will like the product and then continue buying it at a full price. Consider this: substituting “green” products for normal everyday products does not stop environmental destructin in the long run. You are still creating a demand for products, and so companies will continue using materials and fuel to make those products to sell to you. This can be eliminated by making “green” alternatives at home, or buying things (like furniture and clothes) secondhand. Here’s a great link to how to make your own laundry detergent, instead of paying $13 for a bottle of “eco-friendly” detergent.

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