Do “green” cleaning sprays and soaps carry their own health risks?



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    In general, they are nontoxic and safe. Although since they are CLEANING products, you wouldn’t want to consume them. Your body would probably react badly to them if introduced internally, as your digestive system is not designed to handle saponic resins and oils.

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      I wasn’t thinking in terms of consuming these products, but rather I am considering whether residue which might be left on dishes is harmful, or if the product is absorbed by the skin is it toxic, or if it is irritating to the skin on contact.

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    It depends for person to person.  For example, I tried using a green detergent for a while and ending up breaking out in hives.  Today, most cleaning products are nontoxic already, so it really depends on what works for you.  If you feel better using a green product and it has no adverse effects for you, go for it!

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