Do grasshoppers lay eggs?



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    Yes they do. Grasshoppers lay eggs in the soil.  The eggs stay in the soil throughout the winter and hatch in the spring.  When the eggs hatch, the nymphs move to the surface to find food.  

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    Grasshoppers do indeed lay eggs.  The female grasshopper has a part in her body called the ovipositor (a long tube shaped body part that extends from the grasshopper to the ground) that helps the female lay the eggs.  Before she lays her eggs though, she digs a hole (with the use of her ovipositor) to make sure they have a place to go.  After the hole has been dug, she uses her ovipositor to send the eggs into the hole.  Afterwards she covers them with a protective substance, a thick, sticky foam.  The foam eventually hardens and forms an insulating cover so the eggs can grow and develop.  The female can lay over 100 eggs at one time. 

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