Do grasshoppers eat crops?



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    Depends on the type of grasshopper. There are some grasshoppers that only will eat grass while some only prefer corn or alfalfa. However, if there is scarce food to find then they will shift to eating vegetables and field crops – like oats and barly. Now, if things become even more severe, you can expect to find grasshoppers to eat anything really. This includes shrubs, trees, other insects and dead animals. The long-horned grasshopper is known to the latter.

    Did you know that grasshoppers can eat their own weight in food in about 16 hours? Or that seven grasshoppers per square yard over 10 acrees can eat the same amount of food as one cow can? It’s not wonder that grasshoppers can cost farmers thousands of dollars.

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    Grasshoppers are herbivorous insects and so they do eat crops. I have a garden at home and I have seen these cute grasshoppers nibble on my vegetable leaves.

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