Do golf courses use too much water?



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    Golf courses use a lot of water for upkeep. According to Audubon International, an American golf course uses over 300,000 gallons a day on average. Consider the fact that there are about 16,000 courses in the country, and there are some scary numbers. One solution is choosing types of grass that are better at retaining moisture. The artificial, hyper-beautiful lawns at golf courses will be required to lose some face value.

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    This may sound insenstive, but I’ve been saying for years that I think cemetaries and golf courses should be combined. I find both uses of land incredibly inconsiderate since they are both very water intensive, remove habitat from endemic species, and provide a service (an unnecessary one at that) to a very small proportion of society. Combine them, and preserve more habitat for wildlife as well as reduce water usage!

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