Do the golden jellyfish have predators?



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    The primary predators of golden jellyfish are sea anemones. The anemones capture their prey with the use of their tentacles, which are covered in tiny stinging capsules. Each capsule contains a hollow tube filled with toxins, which are injected into the prey, paralyzing it. The anemones’ enzymes are strong enough to fully digest a small creature within 15 minutes.

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    Golden Jellyfish are isolated in the lakes of Palau, which is located in the Pacific Ocean. Their isolation has contributed to their lack of predators, though they still have one: the sea anenome. If a jellyfish passes by, it can snatch it and eat it. Fortunately for the jellyfish, though, the anenomes are stationary and the jellies rarely swim past them. The golden jellfish migrate through the lake to follow the sun. Since the anenomes live in the shade of the trees and the jellies don’t leave the sun’s rays, the two rarely meet. 



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