Do GMO crops cause cancer?



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    This is a major argument against GMO food crops, however the argument is slightly different. GMO crops have only been in the human food supply for only about 10 years, which is leading people to question whether GMO crops WILL cause cancer in the future; due to the nature of cancer, it is a slow process which may kill you once it has advanced sufficiently. Cigarettes, for example, weren’t known to be dangerous until those who grew up smoking got older developed cancer; even then it took the overall incidences of lung cancer increasing to identify cigarettes as the common factor. Cancer also accounts for 20% of all deaths, only after the cancer has become malignant. It is therefore notoriously difficult to determine the cause of any cancer, although habitual actions like smoking are likely to affect certain areas (like lungs and throat) more than others. The fact is, we do not know if GMOs cause cancer yet, and unfortunately the only way to determine the correlation between consumption of GMOs and instances of cancer would be to create an experiment in which a control subject is fed only foods derived from GMOs, which is unethical if it is indeed dangerous. 

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    I agree with the previous answer. We do not have the scientific data yet, to say that GMO crops are even linked to cancer. Most testing has been done with rodents. Right now, of all the things we consume and use, it’s the chemicals in beauty and household products that have the greatest chance of causing cancer.  I’ve attached links to 2 studies. One says GMO can keep cancer at bay, another says it causes it.

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