Do giant pandas eat any meat?



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    Surprisingly, Giant Pandas eat a diet consisting of 99% bamboo! Because it is so low in nutrition, pandas must consume 20-30 pounds of bamboo per day. In addition, their digestive tracts have not evolved well for an exclusively plant diet, so they have to eat much more than a typical herbivore in order to live off of bamboo.

    The large bears do still have the ability to eat meat, and will do it in captivity if offered meat or find a small amount in the wild. Scientists think that growing human populations pushed pandas up to higher altitudes, and in order to avoid competition, they started eating the abundant wood instead of meat. But to explicitly answer your question, yes, Giant Pandas do eat very small amounts of meat.

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    Giant pandas are omnivores, which mean they eat both plants and animals. Their main food source is bamboo and eat about 28 pounds of it each day. They will occasionally eat meat such as birds, rodents, and carrion. 

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