Do giant pandas defend themselves?



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    Generally giant pandas are peaceful and nonconfrontational, but that’s okay because they have few natural predators: only jackals, leopards, and yellow-throated marten.  They can defend themselves when necessary: they can use sheer physical force, because they are quite large.  They also have very strong jaws and teeth, so although they normally do not attack, if they do bite it is very fierce.  Ultimately, the pandas’ main predator is not something in the wild that they can defend themselves against; it is habitat loss and illegal poaching.

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    As Ashleigh said, giant pandas are not considered naturally aggressive creatures, although they are large and powerful creatures who can defend themselves using their size and strength when necessary. However, the giant panda is helpless in defending itself against habitat loss, which is an alarming concern as China (their primary habitat) continues to grow and develop in terms of population and industry.

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