Do genetically modified crops have more pros than cons?



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    I found a list of numerous pros and cons of genetically modified foods. I hope this can help you. I didn’t want to exclude any vital information so I provided a link instead.

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    While many people will say that genetically modified crops are necessary to feed our increasing populations, there are inevitable risks we are taking in doing so. I feel that we should not be genetically enhancing seeds to be pesticide resistant for several reasons: first off, spraying herbicides and pesticides on corn that is not affected by the chemicals that are kill pests and weeds cannot be good for ones health, secondly, we are losing the natural seeds that have adapted and evolved over thousands of years. Monsanto, a genetically modifying organism company, draws in revenue around $20 billion annually for their genetically modified seeds that are resistant to their popular Roundup weed killer. If you are eating corn from the grocery store, there is a one in 80% chance you are eating Monsanto patented genes, and a 95% chance if you are eating soy beans. 

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