Do galaxies move?



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    All matter within a galaxy is rotating, and it appears that galaxies are moving as well.  However, galaxies are constantly expanding, and the spaces between galaxies are expanding too, which accounts for this appearance.  Galaxies are moving farther apart from each other. 

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    Everything in the universe is in motion.  There is no absolute rest, only relative rest.  For example, you might feel as though you are sitting still in a chair, but in fact you are hurtling through space on the earth, around the sun, which is hurtling through space around the center of our galaxy which is hurtling through the universe. 

    All galaxies move, either away from us or toward us (depending on one component of the galaxy’s motion-vector).  We can observe which galaxies are moving away from us because they appear reddish.  This is called “red shift” and is a result of the galaxy “running away” from the light we perceive, stretching its light longer wavelengths (i.e. reddish ones) by an effect called the Doppler effect.  Conversely, galaxies that appear blue are in “blue shift” because they are moving toward us and thus squash their light into shorter wavelengths (i.e. bluish ones).

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