Do fruits and vegetables lose any nutritional value when you freeze them?



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    Gene Lester, Ph.D, a plant physiologist at the USDA Agricultural Research Center in Weslaco, Texas says that fruits and vegetables actually may have more nutritional value than the average produce found at your local grocer. This is because most processing companies freeze their fruits and vegetables at the peak of maturity. So, not only do they not lose any nutritional value when frozen, they may be even more nutritious than your average fruit or vegitable.

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    Research seems to suggest that freezing fruits and vegetables actually preserves their nutritional value. For example, frozen or canned green beans lose their vitamin C content more slowly than green beans that are freshly picked. That’s because the beans are processed and packaged hours within getting picked, which prevents too much vitamin C from being lost before they are frozen or canned. As mentioned above, this means that frozen or canned goods may have even more nutritional value than fresh foods.

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    While freezing fruits and vegetables may preserve their nutrients, the human body is able to extract more nutrients from a room temperature fruit opposed to a colder fruit. So while freezing fruits and vegetables is good, eating them at room temperature is also good. 

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