Do fruit flies have the shortest life span?



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    A fruit fly has a life span of 30 days. The insect with the shortest life span is the Mayfly, which can live up to as long as 1 day or a short as 30 minutes.

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    They apparently do not have the shortest life span. Male fruit flies live on an average of 26 days, while females live an average of 33 days in lab conditions. Certain kinds of gastrotrich live for less time and have been claimed to have an average livespan of three days. However, the best source I can find suggests that they mature within 2-5 days and usually live for less than a week. In addition, the mayfly cited above only lives for a day in its adult stage–it can live for years in its larval stage.

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    Yes actually you would get different results based on what site you look at. The May fly does seem to have the shortest life span though. In some cases they list the gastronich as having the shortest life span, which is 3 days, so longer than the May Fly.

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