Do frogs need to be in water to survive?



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    The frog is an amphibian, which an animal that can live both in water and on land.  A frog does not need be in water to survive.  Although, frogs do need to lay their eggs in water, so they are born in water.  Tadpoles need to live in the water until their gills disappear and their lungs are fully developed.  At that stage in a frog’s life, a frog no longer needs to live in water to survive.

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    Frogs need to live in water or damp habitats to survive, because they rely on the oxygen and the water they absorb through their skin. In order for frogs to absorb oxygen through their skin, the skin needs to be moist. Oxygen is absorbed through an aqueous film on the frog’s skin, requiring that their skin stays wet. Frogs can absorb this moisture through jumping in water, burrowing into damp soil, rain, or dew.

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