Do frogs need to be in water to live?



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    That can depend on the type of frog (almost 5000 species known!), and what part of the life cycle it is in. By definition, amphibians are capable of living in and out of water, and most frogs’ lives revolve around water, but they do not always need to be in water to live. In general frogs need water to lay eggs, survive their tadpole stage, and to stay hydrated. Their skin is so porous that they never drink water, they simply absorb it.

    There are exceptions though, for example the African Dwarf frogs live their entire lives underwater, only surfacing to breathe.

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    There are different types of frogs which require different habitats in order to live properly. Aquatic frogs need mostly water and some dry surface; terrestrial frogs only need a water bowl; aboreal frogs need branches for climbing and semi-aquatic frogs need a tank that’s half water and half land. Therefore, depending on the frog water may be very important in order for them to live, or it may not be as important.

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