Do food banks help or hurt the problem of global hunger?



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    Food banks are non-profit organizations that take primarily donated foodstuffs and redistribute them via charitable organizations.  Typically, food banks make use of food which would otherwise not be consumed, such as these donations and excess produce from farms.  Food banks, then, allow us to reclaim food that would otherwise be wasted.  These are organizations whose sole purpose is to take unwanted food and give it to those who need it.  That said, I cannot imagine a way in which food banks could exacerbate the problem of global hunger.

    Since the first food bank was established in Arizona in 1967, food banks have become commonplace on six continents on the globe and can be found in nearly every geographical region.

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    getwithrico is right about the purpose of food banks.  A lot of supermarkets and restuarants donate their unsold foods to food banks to feed the hungry. However, food banks seem to be most effective on a local scale. Hard to reach places may not have the infrastructure and personnel to operate a food bank. Those who are deprived of food in such places could only rely on aid coming infrequently from the outside. So on the bigger picture, food banks is helping alleviate global hunger, but only at a local level.  

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