Do fisherman take care of the lakes they fish?



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    While overfishing can take a big toll on the environment, many fishermen and women are active conversationalists. The Fishermen’s Conservation Association is one non-profit group working to promote access, habitat, and fisheries management. They organize beach clean-ups and other events, as well as programs for children to teach them about caring for the places they love to fish.

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    Unfortunately, in some areas of the world, over-fishing without responsibly replenishing the lakes they fish in has become a problem. In Bangkok, the fishermen monitor each other to make sure that they only capture fish that are big enough. They leave the smaller ones to ensure that they continuously breed.

    In Kang Krachan, a large reservoir in Phetchaburi, fishermen would use large, floating baskets called krachang. These baskets are used to make sure that the fish are kept alive. The Department of Fisheries in Bangkok even went to the lengths of providing fishermen with fish food to ensure that they breed the fish too instead of just taking and not giving back.

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    For recreational anglers or fishers, the vast majority do. Of course people are people and like any other group there are good people and bad people. Many folks think that because they see a peice of trash at the lake that all anglers leave trash around…However, what you never see is all the trash that anglers pick up.

    THE REAL TRUE ANSWER to this though is absolutley YES YES YES anglers take care of their lakes as they have contributed more than 2.6Billion dollars to fisheries conservation and managment since 1950 through the Sportfish Restoration Act. In fact, the purchase of a fishing license is in and of itself an act of conservation as that money goes directly to conservation, management, wise use and protection of our fisheries resources.

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