Do fish sleep?



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    Sort of. Most fish don’t hunker down under a rock and do what we call “sleeping,” but many do enter a phase of energy-saving rest, often at night…though some fish will rest during the day and be more active at night. It depends based on the species. In general, though, fish do rest in a manner that we would liken to sleeping.

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    Most all fish spend time in an energy-saving state that can be called
    "rest", and we might even call their behavior "sleep", though it is probably
    different than "sleep" in most land
    animals. Many fish, like Bass and perch, rest on or under logs at
    night. Coral reef fish active in the day, hide and rest in crevices
    and cracks in the reef to avoid being eaten at night.
    The resting behavior of fish is very different from their behavior the
    rest of the day. Many minnows, for example, which are very active in
    schools during the day, scatter and remain motionless in shallow
    water at night. Many fish "rest" or "sleep" during the day and are
    active at night instead, but almost all fish sleep.
    There are some animals that never stop swimming, like many species of
    shark, however, they HAVE to keep moving to push water through their mouths
    in order to breathe, and they may still sleep while moving,
    we just don't know yet.
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