Do fish have a good sense of smell?



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    Yes, most of them have an olfactory (smell) system. In fact, some of them have a very developed sense of smell because they have four nostrils. However, please keep in mind that not all fish have an olfactory system, and therefore cannot smell. Puffer fish, for example, have no sense of smell because they don’t have an olfactory pit. 

    Fish use their sense of smell for self-defense, identity marker, courting, and to find food. 

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    Most fish have excellent senses of smell. Just as we smell by quickly inhaling air through our olfactory nodes, fish quickly pass water through their olfactory pit as they swim. The olfactory pit then relays important information about oceanic chemical content to their brains (which are disproportionately constructed in favor of interpreting sensory information), telling the fish about the presence of predators, prey, and other unusual oceanic situations.

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    Fish have great senses of smell. This is why when fishing, sun screen and bug spray from ones hand can get on the fishing line and deter fish from eating the lure and prevent you from catching fish. 

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