Do fish have to be taught to use a fish ladder?



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    Generally, no. Fish ladders are designed to mimic the streams that fish naturally swim up, but they aren’t perfect. Fish have been known to sometimes have difficulty making it up long fish ladders, or even finding the entrance. You can see why that might be exhausting when you look at a fish ladder like this:


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    Fish ladders are installed in order to help fish get around otherwise insurmountable obstacles in their migration paths. Fish ladders are designed to compliment each fish breed’s normal swimming patterns. They do not need to learn to use a fish ladder because they are meant to help the fish use their natural instincts. There is evidence that some fish have the capacity to learn, although I have not found any research on fish who would be using fish ladders.

    Fish ladders are an important tool in maintaining the population of fish in areas where humans have created obstacles en route to the fish’s normal breeding grounds.


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