Do fish drink water?



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    Some fish simply take in water with their gills, but some can actually drink it. It usually depends if the fish lives in fresh water, salt water, or both.

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    Saltwater fish do drink water, and lots of it!  It all stems back to a process known as osmosis.  Because saltwater fish are surrounded by salt, the water in their bodies is constantly being replaced by salt that has moved across their membrances.  Therefore, saltwater fish drink water and excrete salt from their gills so that they can maintain a healthy balance of salt and water in their bodies.

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    Web research seems to indicate that most fish do drink plenty of water, some continuously. Some fish absorb water through their skin and/or gills, and may excrete water that way, too. Apparently, fish need to maintain a fairly high concentration of salt, so how a fish deals with this need depends on whether it is a saltwater or freshwater fish. Most saltwater fish get enough or too much salt, and so preventing water loss is their concern. Freshwater fish are short on salt, and since water dilutes sodium, they have many mechanisms for excreting water. 

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