Do feral cats help control pests?



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    Yes, feral cats hunt rodents for food, keeping their numbers in check.  However, they can also be a threat to an ecosystem that did not once have cats.  Feral cats also kill rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, and birds including some endangered species.   In fact, they are supposedly responsible for the extinction of six types of birds in New Zealand.  

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    To add to americalibre’s point, The National Audubon Society declared that worldwide, cats may be the second leading cause of bird extinction behind habitat destruction.  Current estimates hold feral cat populations at 50 to 90 million nationally.  Certainly the world population is much higher.  Feral cats do hunt rodents but they also decimate bird populations, which is a much greater problem.  Feral cats serve almost zero ecological purpose.

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    Yes, and some domestic cats kill rodents as well. My old roommate’s cat used to kill mice and lay them down on the front porch as if he was really proud of his kill. Unfortunately, he ran away from home and became feral. I’ve seen him a few times in the UC Davis arboretum, but I have never been able to catch him. At least we know that he can fend for himself!

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