Do fast food restaurants use more energy than regular restaurants?



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    According to the linked report, it has more to do with the size of the restaurant than anything else. Since most fast food places are smaller than a sit-down restaurant, we would think that they would also use less energy, but they usually are open for a longer period of time (may sit-downs are open only for lunch and dinner), save for sit-downs like Denny’s or Coco’s, which are open 24/7 in some locations. I would say that, all things considered, they use about the same. I would base it on a restaurant by restaurant look, as some fast food places, like Burger King, are going green to help save energy, as the second link shows.

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    While the actual fast food restaurants in America may not consume vast amounts of energy, it is very important to look at the overall pictures.  I attached a link below that shows some of the secrets of McDonald’s success.  Mowing down rainforests, investing in land in third world countries and then selling it to the locals, taking exported grain that third world countries need to survive to feed their vast amounts of cattle.   Please read this.

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