Do farms that raise chickens for meat also produce eggs?



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    It appears that poultry farms are dedicated to raising chickens either for meat or for eggs. Some breeds of chickens are prized for either of these two purposes, while others are known for being both “meaty” and prolific egg-layers. Broiler chickens are generally slaughtered after a few weeks, whereas egg-laying hens can live for up to six years. However, considering that a hen’s productivity tends to decline after the first year, they are often slaughtered soon after; however, no evidence was found that these birds are then sold for their meat.

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    Some might.  Chickens are divided into two categories; broilers and layers.  Some companies might raise both.  However, layers, when they get too old to produce eggs, are usually slaughtered for food, so eventually they become part of the meat market as well.

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