Do farmers purchase their seeds from a credible source?



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    depending on what you consider credible. Most corn seeds come from mansanto which is known for genetic engineering. They are theoretically cleared by the fda but there have been complicaitons before. This is one of the most important issues today so it is a good question but credibility isn’t necessarily the issue.

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    Many smaller farmers who cannot afford or do not want to purchase seeds from large corporations like Monsanto have always been allowed to get seeds from wherever they wanted. Farmers would save seeds from good harvests or sell, buy and trade them among each other. Recently a decision was made to continue to allow this practice for unbranded seeds. Branded seeds are seeds owned my a company like Monsanto and buying, trading, or selling them without Monsanto’s permission is illegal, and if you know anything about Monsanto, you’ll know they’ll come after you!

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