Do farmers offset their crops so they don’t get ripe at the same time?



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    Yes, it’s called crop rotation, and it’s also good for the soil. A plant that is known to deplete one nutrient in the soil will be rotated out with a plant that is known to replenish that nutrient to keep the soil from getting tired. This is usually done in different seasons throughout the same year.

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    Depending on what you mean by offset here. If you mean not planting the whole crop at the same time I agree to what you said. Farmers can delay the planting of some part of their crops to harvest at different times instead of harvesting all at once. This harppens when the farmer does not have adequate processing and storage facilities. The market may not favour him at one time of harvest but may favour him at the other time.

    This practice does not in any way mean crop rotation as crop rotation is the practice of planting different types of crops on the same piece of land year after year. The crops follow each other in a definite sequence.


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