Do farmers have to pay the farmers market to sell their goods?



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    Farmers market consists of individual vendors mostly farmers who set up booths and sell their food. This market can be outdoors or indoors. Fruits, meat and beverages have been sold at the farmer’s market (they also add value to the communities). Some farmer’s market charge farmers to sell their produce on their land. They do this by asking farmers to give them a certain percantages of the money to them. Most farmer markets around the world are free for farmers to sell their stuff at. Hope this helps!

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    Farmers may also pay fairly substantial charges to local Department of Health, for example to be allowed give out samples. (See URL.)

    And to quote the entrance regs for one market, “When there is an opening for your kind of product, your chance of being selected increases.” I.e., you can’t just sell because you want to.

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