Do farmers do anything to keep their crops from being eaten my birds?



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    They sure do.

    I’m sure you’ll get answers with all sorts of tactics used by farmers, but one I just recently heard about was that farmers in areas with lots of bird trouble with plant varieties of corn where the ears grow at sharper angles from the main stalk and with husks that wrap more tightly around the ear. Both these traits make it much harder for birds to eat corn in the farmers fields. 

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    Traditionally farmers have used various methods for repelling animals from eating their crops.  Scarecrows were placed in the fields to deter birds, sometimes along with the use of a musket.  For organic farming, plantskydd is an environmentally friendly animal repellent made from all natural ingredients.

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    I got the idea from another farmer in my area of nothern california to purchased those inflatable air dancers that you often see at car dealerships to keep the birds out because the reflective tape wasn’t working.  I’ve been using the red and yellow ones and they’ve been working great!  Below is a link to site I purchased.


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