Do erupting volcanoes speed up the global warming process?



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    It is definitely true that volcanoes emit the pollutants that are strongly attributed to global warming (CO2 and SO2).  However, with a comparison to the 10 billion tonnes of CO2 per year produced by man made emmisions, volcanoes only emit 100 million (1/100th of that).  Also, volcanoes have been producing the same amount of pollutants for the entire history of the earth, so the earth naturally accepts those pollutants.  The man made pollutants are what is really speeding up the global warming process, but the case could be made that volcanoes are a major factor in global warming based on the amount of pollutants it emits.

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    While jaw6827 is absolutely right about volcanic emissions, some volcanoes actually can bring about global cooling. If enough gasses are spewed high enough into the atmosphere, solar radiation can actually be blocked from penetrating through to the earth. It does not seem like the Icelandic volcano will prove to have this effect, but the phenomenon is not unprecedented.

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