Do ereaders damage your eyes?



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    Doctors have not found any reasons why an e-reader would cause damage to ones eyes. Instead, it could be the mis-use of e-readers that could cause eye strain. This, however, could just as likely be a problem with reading a regular paper book. These issues arrive from reading for too long and a lack of blinking ones eyes.

    E Ink, which is the technology used by Kindle, has a very low contrast ratio which is good for well lit areas. However, because they do no have back-lighting, they can cause eye strain when used in darker environments. This would be the same problem with a regular book in this environment.


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    E-readers should not damage your eyes, but just like reading any computer screen or book, make sure to rest your eyes from time to time. 

    Also, try to adjust the brightness.  If you are in a well-lit room, you can adjust the brightness.  Try changing the text size with the e-reader if the words seem too small.

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    One issue with some e-readers is the backlighting, which can be very straining.  More advanced tablet-esque products like the iPad can give a strain to the eyes with the brightness of the device.

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