Do environmentalists work together for a common goal?



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    I think that environmentalists share a similar vision and work in a variety of ways to achieve it. For example, there are environmentalists that have heavy backgrounds in scientific study and may do alot of research on how pollution or climate change are affecting our ecosystems. Or, there are also people that work in the nonprofit or public sector; these agencies have an environmental focus and people that work toward fulfilling their missions would consider themselves to be environmental stewards. In addition, there are also people involved with for-profit companies like Seventh Generation who strive to make the economic world and our societies more environmentally conscious. I believe that all of these people share the same vision which is to conserve our natural resources and to take part in the caring of our planet. They all want us to become aware of the damage that we have caused as a human race, take responsibility for it, and begin what is necessary to clean it up before it’s too late. 

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    Many do. There have been a few philosophical debates about environmentalism vs. conservationism, whether humans are more important than animals, and things like that, but ultimately everyone wants to see the world in good condition. Since there are so many different things that affect our environment, people can take up many different causes. One of the biggest issues is climate change caused by too much carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Since the air in our atmosphere circulates all over the planet, this is an international issue. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a large group of scientists working to figure out how we can deal with climate change. Since scientists review each other’s work and check it for errors before they publish their findings, the IPCC is one of the most respected authorities on the issue.

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    I think environmentalists share the same ultimate goal, which is protection of the environment and sustainability, however, each environmentalist has his/her own specific interests, passions, set of knowledge, work experience, attitudes. My college friends and I graduated with the same major, Environmental Biology and Management, but we all have different interests and ideas. One is into waste management, another is another marine conservation, another is into landscape architecture, another is into water development and GIS and I am interested in urban development and law. We don’t necessary work together in the same area, but we all believe in helping make the world a better place. 

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