Do environmentalists have problems with offshore wind farms?



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    Some do, yes.  The major qualm with the technology is that it will disrupt marine life.  This 15 year long Danish study of offshore wind has concluded that with proper oversight, the impact will be minimal, although it is impossible to eliminate habitat fluctuation in it’s entirety.  The Danish Energy Authority, linked below, has the motto: “Protecting Nature while Utilizing its power.”

    The project recently approved near Cape Cod Massachusetts is under protest from a sect of environmentalists and some Native Americans — despite the fact that the Federal Government is pitching $10 million into the project specifically to avoid effects on wildlife and Native American artifacts.

    The reality is that fossil fuels harm the environment in a much more disruptive and dangerous way than an offshore wind farm could.  Take the BP oil spill as an example.  If Americans are smart with the integration of wind energy, we can cause minimal damage over time, allowing the marine life to slowly adapt to the changes.

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