Do environmentalists have a problem with kobe or wagyu beef?



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    Some groups do, and others do not. True Kobe beef and Wagyu cows come from a certain area in Japan, where traditionally they are fed a very good diet, and are actually massaged as part of the meat preparation. However, their movement is usually restricted, which many animal rights groups are against. This isn’t really an environmental issue, so sometimes it goes under the radar. One possible environmental issue is the amount of fuel and energy it takes to ship Kobe beef around the world.

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    All cows produce methane, require a lot of energy and food to raise (crops that could feed people rather than cows, it is often pointed out) and generally require a huge amount of energy that could be much reduced if humans reduce their beef consumption.  So this is the first general problem with any beef.  Kobe beef in particular, which must come from the wagyu cattle, just make this worse when the meat is shipped around the world to please the discerning palate.  The farther food has to travel, the more emissions are produced, the worse it is for the environment.

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