Do environmentalists hate nuclear power?



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    Good question, everettharmon.  As with many issues, this one goes both ways.  Some environmentalists are against nuclear energy, yes, but there are plenty of others that support it.  Here is the link to the Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy website.

    Hope this helps!

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    As jeffb has said, some are for it, because it provides a clean and efficient source of power. But, some are against it because of the hazards of nuclear waste and the effort and resources needed for nuclear waste storage and disposal.

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    Environmentalist who are against it are concerned about accidents like Chernobyl could repeat. Even though it provides one of the cheapest alternative energy today, I for one, would prefer other methods of producing energy. 

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    I do not. I believe that nuclear energy is a good option in the transition to sustainable alternative fuel sources and will help out our economy. It is better than oil and coal, but not nearly as good as wind and solar power. Nevertheless, nuclear power is expensive, but it does not release any direct pollution. If done correctly much of the nuclear waste can be recycled and/or reused. 

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