Do environmental science majors have green graduations?



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    This is a very interesting thought, however I cannot find any schools where their environmental science majors are having their own eco-friendly graduations. There are many schools out there trying to green up their graduation ceremonies for everyone however. Linked below are one blogger’s ideas on how to do that.

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    Not all environmental science majors have green graduations, though some classes are looking into this option. Oberlin college has decided to make all programs out of 100% recycled paper, biodegradable tableware and organic food. 

    There is a Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility hundreds of students are signing, that states:“I pledge to explore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of any job I consider and will try to improve these aspects of any organizations for which I work.” This has spurred many students beyond graduation to lead more environmentally friendly lives.

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    my alma mater, University of California, Davis, does not have green graduation ceremonies. although our gowns were loan to us, so i assume those will be reused. the ceremonies take place in the basketball stadium, which is an energy efficient building, as like all the buildings on campus. If i remember correctly, one of the speakers did talk about sustainability and climate change. these are the environmentally friendly components I can think of about my graduation ceremony. 

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